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The state government has a legal platform for its SIR — The Gujarat Particular Investment Region Act — 2009. It has come in effect from 6th January, 2009. This demonstrates the commitment of this Government to prepare world class hubs of economic action on the traces of fastest growing states of the planet.
The SIR Act, inter alia, provides for subsequent things:


About DMIC

The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) is a projected industrial development project between India’s funding — Delhi and its own financial heartbeat — Mumbai. It is among the world’s biggest infrastructure projects with an estimated investment of USD 90 billion and has been projected as a high tech industrial zone spread over six states, over a 1,500 km lengthy Western Dedicated Freight Corridor which serves as its backbone.


Development plan aims in the introduction of a socially balancednew era city with world class infrastructure along with higher quality of lifestyle. Adoption of renewable strategy across key elements like transport, waste recycling, complete urban type and source efficiency in the cornerstones of the program.


An apex jurisdiction was included under the chairmanship of Union Finance Minister with worried Central Ministers and Chief Ministers of various DMIC States as members to offer complete guidance for preparation and issue required approvals.

DMICDC will undertake job development action for various fundamental government jobs and help in helping country authorities. DMICDC is going to be accountable for helping state authorities to increase financing on the grounds of a sovereign guarantee. The corporate entity is going to have shell structure with 49 percent participation from GOI and the rest by Financial Institutions and other infrastructure associations.

The PDF is suggested to be utilized as a construction fund, especially for job project development tasks (e.g. DPR prep etc.) and will be retrieved from the successful bidders. This fund may also guarantee access to uninterrupted capital for various preparatory actions. The designatories of various State Governments and also the DFC implementing agency may be symbolized as Directors on the Board of DMICDC.

It’s envisaged that financing for DMIC endeavor may be through nodal bureaus (budgetary/extra budgetary provisions) or via Viability Gap Funding/Long duration soft loans expanded to the Job SPVs. DMICDC would ease this process using a sovereign guarantee supplied from the Central authorities. In addition, the SPVs may also borrow in their balance sheets or job refuge basis.


Gujarat has a strategic location — it is well linked to the major cities of the world, both by air and sea routes. The state has direct global flight connectivity to cities around Europe, Middle East, East Asia and America. Gujarat has a coastline of 1,600 kilometers with 42 interfaces that relate to important sea-based trade routes and trade centers like Middle East, West Europe, Asia and forthcoming destinations around the African Continent. The country also acts as a gateway into landlocked countries of India connecting to them by road, air and railway thereby boosting their trading opportunities.




+91 9408 106 106



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